“I have recently worked with Babette and the Energy Leadership program and found the experience to be of great value to both my professional and personal development. I would recommend Babette’s approach and the program to anyone wanting to build on their foundations.”  Amanda Butler, 2021

“Babettes coaching this year has been life changing for me. What I love most is how Babette is really firm with me and she opens my eyes to where I need to be taking responsibility for things that go on around me. Babette has taught me how to deal with difficult situations and behaviours, to establish boundaries and enforce them. I actually had no idea before I met Babette how absolutely crucial this is. Having the business and life mix in Babettes delivery is amazing. As a small business owner, your work becomes your life so to be coached on both in unison is very important for me. The highlight of our time together so far is learning how to go forward together with the right people in your life, in line with your values. Thank you Babette for sharing your knowledge and helping me to confront and get to know the inner self.” Leah Oliver CA, Minnik Chartered Accountants

Babette has been like a ‘breath of fresh air’ as my executive coach and mentor. Perceptive and challenging, she cuts straight to the ‘heart of the matter’ and caused me to rethink and reframe the issues that have been holding me back. I absolutely recommend Babette as an executive coach to anyone who is looking to regain their mojo and have some fun at the same time.” Suzi Wood, ‪‪Leadership Training, Learning and Development, Executive and Leadership Coaching

“Investing time with my coach Babette Bensoussan was a positive turning point in my career development.  I now had a personal and professional coach focussed on my personal development and actively supporting goals for what the future could be. Babette was brilliant at engaging open and constructive one-on-one communication which was refreshing to experience, along with actively challenging constructive insights together with creating conversation around new perspectives I’ve not previously considered.If asked what are my key learnings from Babette’s coaching, I would call out the following;

– Energy level and its influence in my everyday was a key learning for myself and importantly how ‘anabolic energy’ has a positive impact with those in my immediate circle, both professional and personal.

– Cultivating personal gratitude was a ‘hidden gem’. Babette coached me to recognise it and it resonated exactly with what should be acknowledged each day and not over-looked because we are so busy or distracted by what we can’t change.

I’m very pleased and personally rewarded to have Babette as my Executive Coach. I would have no hesitation in referring her to others seeking support in their career transition.

Colin Ricardo – Regional Solutions Sales Director, Damco

“When I look back at where I was before I started my program with Babette, I cannot believe how much I have shed, shifted and changed. Babette has certainly been the catalyst of that. Babette is incredibly intuitive and resourceful and she truly cares about taking you on a deep journey of self-transformation. I now fully realize that true leadership starts from within. Then anything external will just sort of become effortless. Thank you Babette, I can’t wait to work together again soon.”

Giovanna Toldi – https://strategiatoldi.com

“Recently Babette coached me through the Energy Leadership program to improve my leadership awareness; I was amazed at the results I achieved both professionally and personally. I strongly recommend her work and the power she has to help people improve their life through their own insights!” Aurora Fonte, Managing Director, Assetlink

“Babette is not only a brilliant presenter and communicator she is one of the few people in this world that can really make a positive impact on your business. Anyone who has the pleasure of working alongside this amazing woman reaps the benefits.” Heather Disher, Bluside Pty Ltd

“Babette helped me clarify key issues that needed attention in business and personal life, and celebrated and encouraged every small and big step. She was great support. I would recommend Babette to anyone seeking a coach for self development and business development.” Cecilia Kugler, ‪‪Owner, CK Design International

‪”I was sceptical about the coaching arena, always thinking I can figure out things for myself. Babette open my eyes up to various possibilities I would have never thought about, and directed me in a path to understand thoughts about me. One thing that really resonated with me was about having a choice, and for ME to choose, and the repetitive exercises that I needed, through Babette’s coaching, to make me realise that it all comes down to me. It is also important to invest in yourself, and the time spent with Babette has changed the way I think, feel and act. The training has placed me in a much better position to face what is going on around me, and has given me an awareness that coaches are critical in life when you want to move forward. Regards, PS: It’s really good stuff!” Luke Moroney, Managing Director, First Time Property Investment

“Thank you for coaching me in the Professional Executive Coaching Program. You have a real gift in enabling free flowing conversations that always get to the heart of what needs to be addressed. In each and every session, there was something I learned about myself that I was able to take away and grow from. Each meeting was constructive in addressing blockages and supportive of the goals I wanted to achieve.  When I first met you, I had a lot of self-doubt and negative beliefs. I felt flat and unstimulated. I am now well and truly stimulated in all aspects of my life and I can thank you for just asking the right questions and challenging me in a way that ensured I was doing the work to get the break throughs. I can now see the possibilities and am comfortable as a senior business woman and leader.  Being coached by you has made an incredible impact on my life, both personally and professionally and I will be encouraging others, who are ready to make a change and grow, to meet with you. Sally Osborne, Head of Operations, Collier International Australia

“Babette has worked with me on several occasions in the capacity of coach, mentor and sounding board. After every discussion with her I come away with a deep appreciation of her strategic mind and powerful insights. She is someone who asks the hard questions (that need to be asked) and is also there to help uncover the answers. She is fast and to the point. Just one observation from her about a recent planning exercise I was totally engaged in led me to several epiphanies that were critical. On top of this, she is a really nice person!” David Solomon, ‪‪Solu Plus

“I connected with Babette after taking on a new role as Managing Director. Given this was my first Executive role, I connected with Babette for supporting my professional transition. 
Babette’s approach to coaching and the elements of her executive program took me on a transformative journey, resulting in outcomes far beyond the initial objectives. Babette listened, challenged, and provided a sounding board throughout our collaborative interactions. This led to much increased awareness of my authentic strengths and blind spots as well as my thinking and behaviors in any given situation. Discovering and reframing what was holding me back, learning to manage “the voice in my head” created the clarity I was looking for, the clarity that helped me make much better decisions. The action plan we worked out ensured my transition lasted, in fact, became permanent, helping me to successfully play my new role. Not only did I sense my transformation, peers and colleagues also pointed out the change, resulting in very strong Employee Engagement scores during very challenging times for the business.
Based on my personal transformation from Babette’s coaching, I successfully finished my executive assignment. Building on the experience, I  have started my own business. While my independence is both fulfilling and challenging, most importantly, I’ve entered it with the confidence and clarity that I have made the right decision. I could not be more pleased with the demonstrated results.”

Joerg Hermans, Biogen

‪”I have experienced great impact in my life, my work and my business as a result of coaching with Babette! I am now clearer on my direction and the actions that I have taken have catapulted my business to the next level. I have worked with many coaches in this area and my work with Babette has been the most impactful and productive that I have ever experienced! I take this clarity and focus to other areas of my life and am maintaining better results in a number of areas! Thank you very, very much! Babette offers clients a great deal of integrity, brilliance and focus! She is not afraid to challenge folks to take their life, work and business to a level that they may not have thought possible. This is of great value to her clients and results in many benefits and learnings! Babette is a coach of the first class, and I am grateful that I will be continuing to work with her! I can’t thank you enough Babette!” Michelle T. Bastock, Coaching Supervisor 

“I have only known Babette for a short period of time and under her guise I have rediscovered my confidence, belief and invigoration. In a simple, non-judgemental and articulated way, Babette led each session towards a journey of self-discovery. I am excited by what I have achieved, what I am becoming and where I am heading.” John Jakovcevic,  Managing Director, Stulz IT Cooling Solutions