Competitive Insights and Strategy Workshops and Facilitation

Gain Superior Insight and Develop Essential Competitive Strategy


We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to give you a superior understanding of the many external and/or competitive forces that impact your organisation. MindShifts will always look at everything that affects your business with a fresh and insightful set of eyes.

With over twenty years experience and 350 successful projects, MindShifts is the only Australian consulting firm specialising in Strategic and Competitive Intelligence.

Our services include:

  • Strategic workshops around branding and marketing
  • Facilitation of Board and/or senior management strategic planning
  • Strategic Analysis workshops as an integral part of strategic planning processes
  • Industry specific workshops tailored around strategic issues
  • Training in Competitive Intelligence processes and analytical techniques
  • Competitive Intelligence audits
  • Support with the implementation of Competitive Intelligence processes
  • Mentoring staff in Competitive Intelligence projects
  • Delivering outsourced intelligence reports

Strategic Assignments


Sometimes a fresh perspective and different reference points bring rich new data to the thinking and planning process. Areas in which we have undertaken successful assignments include:

  • Maintaining a dominant market position against new competitors
  • Entering a new market against entrenched competitors
  • Anticipating competitor moves and responses
  • Forecasting market evolution in terms of both scale and shape
  • Identifying new business opportunities available in your market
  • Testing the results of strategy options in different market segments
  • Educating team members and management in Competitive Intelligence
  • Facilitating product and brand managers to plan appropriately for the future.

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