Strategy War Games

Trivial Changes Produce Trivial Results

ChessIf you want to gain genuine competitive advantage, you’ve got to do important things better than your competitors. War Games help you build competitive advantage in the highest-leverage function of all: thinking better than your competitors. War Games are about anticipating competitive moves before your rivals make them.

A War Game is a structured strategic exercise.

War Games allow you to understand unexplored or unforeseen strategic options. Most important, a war game will demonstrate to you the implications of your decisions months or years ahead.

Business War Games are an unconventional management tool. We draw on a wide range of business disciplines, including marketing, competitive strategy, competitive intelligence, and market research. We also draw from non-traditional disciplines such as social psychology, creativity, and innovation. A War Game identifies shortcomings in conventional management thinking, and provides real alternatives that work.

You should consider a War Game when you are faced with:

  • A threat from current competitors
  • Imminent entry of new rivals
  • Industry consolidation
  • Change in the external environment
  • A threat from a new technology or a similar discontinuity

Because people work best when they’re actively engaged, Strategy War Games are highly interactive. They are typically run as private, closed-door sessions for executives needing to make critical decisions.

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Our affiliated colleagues from SyncStrategy in the USA, Ben Gilad and Mark Chussil have developed this thought provoking presentation on “The Secret of Training for Competitiveness”.