Competitive Intelligence Mentoring

MindShifts Mentoring Services are intensive one-on-one sessions that have been designed to help the client attain a high degree of specialist knowledge within a short time frame. These sessions can be geared towards establishing your own Competitive Intelligence practices, developing specific skill sets or receiving support and guidance for specified Competitive Intelligence projects.

All MindShifts mentoring sessions are conducted by Babette Bensoussan; an internationally esteemed Competitive Intelligence professional with extensive experience in coaching and mentoring. Mentoring programs are all tailored to suit individual needs and desired outcomes.

Competitive Intelligence Mentoring Services Include:

  • Practical assistance and guidance on specific projects
  • General Competitive Intelligence training
  • Guidance in methods of information gathering and analytical techniques
  • Analysis of marketplace information
  • Reviewing and improving report drafts
  • Assistance in identifying options once a project has been finalised