Competitive Insights for your Business

Better Decision Making Through Improved Insights

A fresh perspective and different reference points bring rich new insights to the thinking and planning process. These assignments are specifically focused on determining directions and outcomes that the company has wrestled with.

  • Maintaining a dominant market position against new competitors
  • Entering a new market against entrenched competitors
  • Anticipating competitor moves and responses
  • Forecasting market evolution in terms of both scale and shape
  • Identifying new business opportunities available
  • Testing the results of strategy options in different market segments
  • Educating team members and management in Competitive Intelligence
  • Facilitating product and brand managers to plan appropriately for the future

Competitive Intelligence can help to minimise the risks involved in operational and strategic decisions around:

  • Competitive strategy
  • Competitor profiles
  • Pricing policy
  • Joint ventures
  • Market opportunities
  • Product and service launches
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Competitive Intelligence can provide the following benefits:

  • Early warning of competitor moves
  • Rapid response to market opportunities
  • Integral to formulation of strategy
  • Prevention of mistakes, security, counter-intelligence

Competitive Intelligence can also assist with business discussions around:

  • Growth opportunities
  • Industry and structural risk
  • Sales and distribution
  • Financial performance
  • Production process and operations
  • Management and organisational structure
  • Production capacity and capacity utilisation

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