Competitive Insights

Competitive Intelligence (CI) reduces uncertainty
by delivering the strategic knowledge and foreknowledge
necessary for better business decisions.
What is Competitive Intelligence?

“Competitive Intelligence (CI) is a systematic and ongoing process for gathering and analysing information to derive actionable insights about competitors, the competitive environment and trends in order to further the organisation’s business goals.” ~ Adapted from Fleisher & Bensoussan, 2003


  • Competitive Intelligence is concerned with the ethical and legal competitive strategy companies use to monitor their competitors, identify growth opportunities, understand their own competitive position and improve their performance.
  • Competitive Intelligence helps organisations sustain their competitive advantage by providing actionable insights and reliable input to decision makers at operational, tactical or strategic levels.
  • The Competitive Intelligence process can identify and project strategies that current or future competitors might pursue by providing a predictive, future oriented assessment of potential implications. Its purpose is to out-manoeuvre, out-wit and out-smart competitors by picking up weak, ambiguous signals from the market place.


The true value of a holistic Competitive Intelligence system is the management of risk associated with strategic decision-making.


Competitive Intelligence seeks to reduce the cost of executive decisions based on poor information by combining:

  • Human intelligence techniques
  • Communication processes
  • Technology providing an effective knowledge management and dissemination platform


A systematic Competitive Intelligence process is based on the following cycle:

  • Focus: Determine key business issues that need to be addressed
  • Collect: Efficiently search and collate information to resolve the issues under investigation
  • Analyse: Understand the future implications of emerging threats and opportunities
  • Action: Disseminate and utilise the knowledge generated to minimise decision risk


There are multiple ways we can work together, and each method can be tailored to your specific needs:

CI Mentoring

If you want to attain a high degree of specialist knowledge within a short time frame, these sessions are for you.

CI for your Company

Competitive Intelligence can help to minimise the risks involved in operational and strategic decisions.

War Games

War Games allow you to understand unexplored or unforeseen strategic options. Most important, a war game will demonstrate to you the implications of your decisions months or years ahead.


Babette Bensoussan’s weaves her depth of corporate experience and understanding of human motivation and behaviour to engage an audience and leave it enlightened, challenged, and inspired.

CI Workshops

Our workshops are designed to give you a superior understanding of the many external and/or competitive forces that impact your organisation and bring thinking together across management teams and key decision makers.

Strategic Assignments

A fresh perspective and different reference points bring rich new data to the thinking and planning process. These assignments are specifically focused on determining directions and outcomes that the company has wrestled with.

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