Competitive Insights

Competitive Intelligence (CI) reduces uncertainty by delivering the strategic knowledge
and foreknowledge necessary for better business decisions.
What is Competitive Intelligence?

“Competitive Intelligence (CI) is a systematic and ongoing process for gathering and analysing information to derive actionable insights about competitors, the competitive environment and trends in order to further the organisation’s business goals.” ~ Adapted from Fleisher & Bensoussan, 2003


  • Competitive Intelligence is concerned with the ethical and legal competitive strategy companies use to monitor their competitors, identify growth opportunities, understand their own competitive position and improve their performance.
  • Competitive Intelligence helps organisations sustain their competitive advantage by providing actionable insights and reliable input to decision makers at operational, tactical or strategic levels.
  • The Competitive Intelligence process can identify and project strategies that current or future competitors might pursue by providing a predictive, future oriented assessment of potential implications. Its purpose is to out-manoeuvre, out-wit and out-smart competitors by picking up weak, ambiguous signals from the market place.


The true value of a holistic Competitive Intelligence system is the management of risk associated with strategic decision-making.


Competitive Intelligence seeks to reduce the cost of executive decisions based on poor information by combining:

  • Human intelligence techniques
  • Communication processes
  • Technology providing an effective knowledge management and dissemination platform


A systematic Competitive Intelligence process is based on the following cycle:

  • Focus: Determine key business issues that need to be addressed
  • Collect: Efficiently search and collate information to resolve the issues under investigation
  • Analyse: Understand the future implications of emerging threats and opportunities
  • Action: Disseminate and utilise the knowledge generated to minimise decision risk


There are multiple ways we can work together, and each method can be tailored to your specific needs:

CI Mentoring

If you want to attain a high degree of specialist knowledge within a short time frame, these sessions are for you.

CI for your Company

Competitive Intelligence can help to minimise the risks involved in operational and strategic decisions.

War Games

War Games allow you to understand unexplored or unforeseen strategic options. Most important, a war game will demonstrate to you the implications of your decisions months or years ahead.


Babette Bensoussan’s weaves her depth of corporate experience and understanding of human motivation and behaviour to engage an audience and leave it enlightened, challenged, and inspired.

CI Workshops

Our workshops are designed to give you a superior understanding of the many external and/or competitive forces that impact your organisation and bring thinking together across management teams and key decision makers.

Strategic Assignments

A fresh perspective and different reference points bring rich new data to the thinking and planning process. These assignments are specifically focused on determining directions and outcomes that the company has wrestled with.

I was sceptical about the coaching arena, always thinking I can figure out things for myself. Babette open my eyes up to various possibilities I would have never thought about, and directed me in a path to understand thoughts about me. One thing that really resonated with me was about having a choice, and for ME to choose, and the repetitive exercises that I needed, through Babette’s coaching, to make me realise that it all comes down to me. It is also important to invest in yourself, and the time spent with Babette has changed the way I think, feel and act. The training has placed me in a much better position to face what is going on around me, and has given me an awareness that coaches are critical in life when you want to move forward. Regards, PS: It’s really good stuff!

I have only known Babette for a short period of time and under her guise I have rediscovered my confidence, belief and invigoration. In a simple, non-judgemental and articulated way, Babette led each session towards a journey of self-discovery. I am excited by what I have achieved, what I am becoming and where I am heading.

‪I have experienced great impact in my life, my work and my business as a result of coaching with Babette! I am now clearer on my direction and the actions that I have taken have catapulted my business to the next level. I have worked with many coaches in this area and my work with Babette has been the most impactful and productive that I have ever experienced! I take this clarity and focus to other areas of my life and am maintaining better results in a number of areas! Thank you very, very much!

‪Babette offers clients a great deal of integrity, brilliance and focus! She is not afraid to challenge folks to take their life, work and business to a level that they may not have thought possible. This is of great value to her clients and results in many benefits and learnings! Babette is a coach of the first class, and I am grateful that I will be continuing to work with her! I can’t thank you enough Babette!


‪Babette has taught me to select, to focus, to stay the course and to keep the inspiration with my challenges. When I veer off course, she is very strong at presenting me with my vision, my priorities and my actions and querying whether I am taking the course that will take me toward my intended result. She has a variety of ways of assisting me to see the big picture and reading my own course of actions back to me in such a way that I could see whether I was on track. I know myself and I can easily veer in other directions that are not where I need to go.

‪As a coach, Babette is masterful in contracting with me to keep me on course in a way that I need to. Great learning for me, about me and about my own coaching work with others! Thank you!


Babette taught the unit Competitive Intelligence at the Sydney Graduate School of Management, when I was Director and CEO. She was highly regarded by the students for her insights, expertise and presentation style.


‪I first retained Babette to assist me re-focus the activities of a business with which I had just become involved. Babette’s analysis of the industry sector was careful, fast and precise. Her knowledge of and ability to apply a very wide range of analytical tools made assessing the necessary steps straightforward and easily able to be understood by members of the business at all levels. Babette’s top level report was clear and succinct – she does not pull punches yet sets achievable goals. A first class operator who remembers the people side of the business.


‪I have enjoyed all of Babette’s books on Competitive Intelligence and so I signed up for a workshop she provided at the 2007 Annual Summit of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals in New York, May 2007. Not only did the workshop overdeliver on my expectations and brought me a huge step closer to my own tasks as a CI leader for my company. But also this workshop was interesting, inspiring and productive to the max. Babette’s service to the global CI community is nothing short of outstanding and I will certainly try to apply as much of her stunning brainwork as possible in my professional environment.

‪Babette is also a very sociable person with an outgoing attitude and very friendly nature.


‪I have been fortunate enough to hear Babette speak on several occasions, and found her inspiring and full of great teachings. I learned so much from her lectures on competitive intelligence, and business analysis, and have a very well thumbed copy of her first book, Strategic and Competitive Analysis. She has also aways been very approachable and extremely helpful when I have followed up with questions or asked for advice, I could not recommend a more professional knowledgeable and personable expert in this field

‪”Babette is not only a brilliant presenter and communicator she is one of the few people in this world that can really make a positive impact on your business. Her knowledge is extraordinary and her professional approach outstanding. Anyone who has the pleasure of working alongside this amazing woman reaps the benefits.”


‪I have worked with Babette for almost 4 years on our Business and Competitive Analysis workshops in Singapore and Malaysia, her excellent breath and depth of knowledge in the area of Competitive Intelligence has always made these workshops highly informative and much appreciated by participants. She always shows great patience in answering all the questions put to her and her professionalism makes it a great pleasure to work with her on these events.


‪I highly recommend Babette Bensoussan’s coaching services for women entrepreneurs. I am working with Babette as my remote coach to help me take my business to a new level of success. Babette is an incredible source of wisdom — she has literally written the books on business strategy and has seen it all through her worldwide consulting engagements. But equally as important in a coaching relationship is her lovely way to help you illuminate and work through challenges with humour and grace. Babette has so much passion for helping women entrepreneurs — if you are considering working with a coach or simply looking for some support through challenging times, then look no further than Babette.


Babette had been a role model and mentor for many years, so when ‪the opportunity arose to join Mindshifts, I was delighted to accept. Working with Babette, I was impressed with her rigour and processes which have made an indelible impact on me. In my opinion, Babette is the consummate marketer, highly professional and very thorough. Her expertise and reputation in Competitive Intelligence are richly deserved and I recommend her without reserve.


‪I engaged the services of Babette and her team at a crucial turning point in Caterpillar’s strategic decision-making. As a result of her insightful and penetrating intelligence work a number of blindspots were identified with regards to our competition and we had to admit to and dismiss several sacred cows. We were thus able to overcome several serious strategic setbacks and regain market share and profitability. The impact was material in our Australian operations.

‪I can’t think of anyone in the competitive intelligence industry who has done more to advance the profession in the past twenty years. Babette is a widely recognised competitive intelligence expert around the world.


‪Over nearly 10 years I have had the opportunity to work with Babette in several different capacities. She has been a client, a colleague and a mentor. ‪She has an enormous capacity for understanding, for taking complex ideas, concepts and thoughts and making them not only understandable but, more importantly, actionable. I have worked with her on numerous projects providing insights to clients and I have always been impressed by Babette’s ability to steer though the clutter and get to the heart of the matter, thereby allowing her clients to make informed decisions to improve and protect their businesses.

‪I would, without hesitation, turn to Babette and the Mindshifts Group to ensure that I understood my competitive landscape and knew how to use it to my advantage. I will also continue to turn to Babette as a mentor and friend, knowing that she will continue to support me in my professional development

‪Ms. Bensoussan is one of the most influential and powerful forces in the world of competitive intelligence today, and her academic writings on tools of analysis have impacted me in incredibly positive ways both great and small. I count several of her co-authored works as unmatched in informing my own scholarship and thinking; they are likely the most useful volumes I have ever utilized in-or-out of the classroom, and I recommend Ms. Bensoussan wholeheartedly!


‪In my MBA teachings on Competitive Intelligence at MGSM, Babette’s books are prescribed Text & extensively used. She had also judged MBA student presentations, delivered specialised topics and guided our course development & delivery. She is a global thought-leader in CI and a highly-valued adviser to Business Executives. It is a delight to work with her.


‪‪‪Babette has successfully engaged fellow competitive intelligence professionals when sharing her knowledge. She is a bright and personable speaker who arms her audiences with tools they can use immediately to enhance their best practices and achievements.


‪Babette has worked with me on several occasions in the capacity of coach, mentor and sounding board. After every discussion with her I come away with a deep appreciation of her strategic mind and powerful insights. She is someone who asks the hard questions (that need to be asked) and is also there to help uncover the answers. She is fast and to the point. Just one observation from her about a recent planning exercise I was totally engaged in led me to several epiphanies that were critical. On top of this, she is a really nice person!


‪Babette helped me clarify key issues that needed attention in business and personal life, and celebrated and encouraged every small and big step. She was great support. I would recomend Babette to anyone seeking a coach for self development and business development.


‪Babette has been like a ‘breath of fresh air’ as my executive coach and mentor. Perceptive and challenging, she cuts straight to the ‘heart of the matter’ and caused me to rethink and reframe the issues that have been holding me back. I absolutely recommend Babette as an executive coach to anyone who is looking to regain their mojo and have some fun at the same time.


As a coach, Babette creates clarity and focus with her clients as she listens with intention and asks the tough questions that are necessary for clients to grow beyond their limiting beliefs. Her depth of experience, understanding and empathy benefit the clients that she works with. Through this approach clients find their next best steps and actions. Babette is consistent in supporting her clients to maintain an action focus, and through this focus, I have been able to make great progress with my challenges.

‪Babette listens really, really well and creates a space for me to experiment and push forward in the challenges that I present. Timing, questioning and stories inform me and take me to a new level of understanding and action when I need them. Her warmth and sense of humour are resonant and inspirational for me in each of our calls. She called me on my mischievousness when I was blocking and stuck and I really need that from a coach! Wonderful!


‪‪‪I have known Babette for over 17 years. During this time she has continued to develop both personally and professionally. Recently Babette coached me through the Energy Leadership program to improve my leadership awareness, I was amazed at the results I achieved both professionally and personally. My self awareness developed daily, and I felt like I was growing every week from our one hour coaching sessions. Babette has pearls she imparts as and when needed – she came into my life at a time I needed her most. I strongly recommenced her work and the power she has to help people improve their life through their own insights!


‪An effective life coach helps people shift from fear to love. My assignment in life is rooted in services to humanity and I met Babette when I was at a crossroads in terms of where my focus should be. Babette allowed space for me to be honest about my experiences and my feelings. I work in Pakistan where cross cultural relationships are complex and I was struggling with a few different situations.

‪I am very thankful to Babette. I did not go looking for a coach at all and actually our relationship commenced after Babette was interested in my work. They say there are no coincidences and that is how I feel about meeting Babette. ‪I thoroughly recommend her services to you and trust you will find a kindred soul who will assist you on your journey through life.  By the way, I am stronger than ever and live more in my heart……..Thank you!


‪I have known Babette Bensoussan for over 20 years and watched her grow her Competitive Intelligence business into the Strategic Planning and Marketing sphere and more recently into the area of Executive Leadership and Life Coaching. I therefore had every confidence in working with her for four months earlier this year when it came to re-examining my own personal and business goals. She listened and heard, she questioned and waited, she turned goals and objectives upside down and inside out, encouraging me to see more clearly, to identify, prioritise and work to my strengths. I came away from our meetings respecting Babette’s integrity, resourcefulness and generosity in sharing her own experience and insights

‪‪”I was a coach for over three years and coached by several other coaches. I learnt so much from each of my coaches and coaches. I still struggled to get my directions and focus right. Then along came Babette. ‬‬‪I have now known Babette for just two years. Babette has extensive experiences both locally and internationally with her own businesses. What a great catch as a business coach and mentor and mind shifting learning provider. Babette kindly coached me and continues to mentor me through my progress. ‬‬

‪Babette did things differently and in its totality. Babette provides down to earth coaching and mentoring together with practical, business focused, results driven strategies, business planning and marketing tools and support. This covers right from new beginnings to expansions and to exit strategies where necessary. With her total package Babette saved and continues to save me a great deal of time and money that allows me to focus on my real directions. ‬‬‪Babette is the full monty. I wholeheartedly recommend Babette to everyone wishing to take their dreams, aspirations and businesses to their next levels.”


“Working with Babette is extremely easy, motivating and educational. She is thorough in her preparation, and her knowledge and experience of the subjects is second to none. if we could do a better job presenting the workshops ourselves we would, but we are fortunate in New Zealand that we can get the best to visit and present here – our clients are better off for it and are always keen to attend when they hear she is coming back.”

“Quite clearly AWT has greatly benefited from this clear focus on competitive intelligence – it has, in many ways, altered the manner and approach to our core business activities.”

“I want to thank you and your staff again for your great work. Your pieces to the puzzle were critical components in uncovering their strategy in Eastern and South East Asia.”

“We have worked with Babette and MindShifts to run at least 11 Competitive Intelligence Analysis Workshops in New Zealand over the past four years or more. The presentation and content is always excellent, and the levels of interest from clients continues to be such that it generates full workshops every time. Some of these have been ‘in-house’ and some have been ‘public’ sessions but the level of repeat business is testament to the quality and value each workshop brings to adding value to the client’s business.”

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