Myers Briggs (MBTI)

Have you ever wondered why you can relate more easily to some people and not to others? Do you know why you find some people more attractive, or why some people seem to speak your language even at your first meeting? Do some things stress you while other people you know find them exciting or enjoyable?

You can find the answers to these questions by examining a few natural personality differences. We share a lot of very specific personality characteristics or preferences with some people, and so we find it easy to relate to them. Our natural preferences affect what we like and dislike, and may explain why certain things stress us.

The MBTI Program will explain some of these personality differences and will help you understand your needs, motivations, behaviour patterns, and how your personality has developed during your life. It will also give you insight into why and how other people are different from you, and will help you to appreciate those differences.

The MBTI Program is offered individually or as part of a total coaching program.