Coaching Programs

What is Coaching?


“Coaching is a process used to empower a client to increase their self awareness in order to facilitate more conscious decision making, to forward their decisions into focused and organized action, and to tie in the key component of accountability to measure progress.” Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC)

Just by having a coach and chatting with him or her on a regular basis will provide you with plenty of value – you don’t have to work hard at it – for the benefits of coaching to occur. This is because the synergy that occurs in a coaching relationship is what makes the biggest difference.

If you do want to maximise the value of the coaching relationship, here are 5 ways that work well:

  • Focus on how you feel and want to feel, not just on what you want to produce
  • Talk about what matters most to you
  • Be open to seeing things differently
  • Be willing to evolve yourself, not just develop yourself
  • Design and strenghten your personal and business environments

Program Overview

Improve your life, decision making and the competitiveness of your business

This impactful three-month coaching program provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to focus on concrete issues that are getting in the way of them achieving and thriving both personally and professionally.

The program includes:

• Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment.

• One-hour ‘Deep Dive’ Evaluation session- where you will work with Babette to articulate 
your business and personal objectives, and understand your personal preferences.

• Five x 45 minute coaching sessions.

• Unlimited emails and short phone calls between sessions.

• One-hour strategy and review session at completion of program.

• One ‘power hour’ coaching session- three months after completion of program.

Bust those self-limiting beliefs, boost your productivity and enhance your self-esteem.

Many of us beliefs about ourselves that holds us back from being able to realise our goals and dreams. These self-limiting beliefs are often ingrained- formed throughout our lives and now ingrained into our psyche. What we believe becomes our reality.

Over a four-month period Babette will work with you to develop and deepen your personal awareness to ensure you become the confident, self-assertive person that you know you can be.

The program includes:

• Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment.

• Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Assessment.

• One-hour ‘Deep Dive’ Evaluation session- where you will work with 
Babette to articulate your business and personal objectives, and 
understand your personal preferences.

• Six x 60 minute coaching sessions.

• One-hour strategy and review session at completion of program.

• Unlimited emails between sessions.

• One ‘power hour’ coaching session- three months after 
completion of program.

Gain superior personal awareness and strategic insights to help you reach your  leadership potential

This unique 6-­month program is designed for senior executives who are being  groomed for senior leadership roles or who are looking to develop their leadership capabilities, strategic thinking and emotional awareness.

Babette brings unique capabilities as a trained counsellor, executive coach and mentor, and world‐ renowned expertise in strategy and Competitive Intelligence to this senior level leadership program. Through the use of the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and other tools, participants will be able to  measure the direct impact of this program on their professional and personal  life.

The program includes:

• 2 x Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment (at the start and conclusion of the program to measure change).

• Myers‐Briggs Type Indicator® Assessment.

• One‐hour ‘Deep Dive’ Evaluation session‐ where you will work with Babette to articulate your  business and personal objectives, and understand your personal preferences.

• Nine x 60 minute mentoring & coaching sessions.

• Unlimited emails and short phone calls between sessions.

• One‐hour strategy and review session at completion of the program.

• One ‘power hour’ coaching session‐ three months after completion of program.

Additional information regarding all programs:

• Clients can choose between face-to- face sessions, telephone or Skype sessions

• Coaching fees are often tax deductable

• Prices effective – January 1, 2016

• A percentage of all profits go to support charities focused on 
microfinance and education

Each program is unique in that I don’t expect you to take on this challenge on your own. Together we work shoulder to shoulder to build on your intrinsic capabilities, grow your belief in your self-worth, and allow the confident person inside to emerge.

“Babette offers clients a great deal of integrity, brilliance and focus! She is not afraid to challenge people to take their life, work and business to a level that they may not have thought possible. This is of great value to her clients and results in many benefits and learnings! Babette is a coach of the first class.”