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Our clients’ success is what drives us. We help organisations and business leaders improve their decision-making capability – resulting in improved business performance, and personal success.

Competitive Insights

Positioning your business for success in a challenging market is all about insights, analysis and awareness. As a global leader in competitive intelligence, we are able to guide and support your leaders in the development of their CI capability.


Coaching is an empowering method of development that can assist you in reaching higher performance. Our coaching programs are designed to help individuals and businesses to develop leadership, improve decision-making and achieve goals.

Keynote Speaker

With over 20 years of diverse industry experience Babette Bensoussan - 'The Decision Making Maverick', is a wealth of knowledge and widely sought after as an inspiring keynote speaker in the areas of Competitive Intelligence, Strategy and Coaching.


How can we help you?

Get a major project off the ground

Is your strategy in place?

Do you understand the competition?

Stay focused and committed

Staying on track requires support and focus.

Are you getting side tracked from your valuable actions?

Develop better ideas and make smarter decisions

Success comes for making good decisions at critical times.

Is this a skill you have?

Strategy War Games

Strategy War Games help build a competitive advantage enabling you to think better than your competitors, and make smarter strategic decisions.

Energy Leadership

We offer a unique assessment tool that provides coaching clients with a snapshot of their perceptions, attitudes, behaviours, and overall leadership capability.

Tools for Success

Over a twenty five year period, we have built an impressive toolkit of resources that help organisations solve complex business issues. 


Our Latest Insights

We present insights that assist our clients to make smarter decisions. We hope you find them useful too.
11 Apr 2018


The most critical strategic issue for any business is its competitiveness. No one would disagree with this yet few businesses really spend time and effort to deeply understand and manage their future competitiveness. Most executives monitor their competitiveness through market share and as we all know that indicator is historical and is in no way […]

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15 Mar 2018

Are your beliefs creating the life you want?

Beliefs are thoughts in our heads that influence our emotions, behaviours, attitudes, and actions. Some beliefs can be empowering, which can lead us to great success, or self limiting which stops us from achieving our goals. However, we need to be cognisant that beliefs are only thoughts and that they are not real. With the […]

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05 Mar 2018

Monday Motivation – Let me be your Jiminy Cricket!

When Jiminy Cricket first came to media attention for his supporting role in a movie called Pinocchio in the 1940s, few realised the significance of this little green, talking insect with umbrella and top hat. To me, he represents the essence of my coaching philosophy. Goal Setting First he teaches you to sing (or hum), […]

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14 Feb 2018

SWOT – The most abused analytical technique in management

As most business people would know SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Traditional SWOT analysis is possibly the most widely known and among the most utilized means of situation analysis.  A SWOT analysis is used to assess the fit between a company’s internal resources and capabilities (its strengths and weaknesses) and […]

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